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Who Owns The Internet [??????]

who owns the internet
Owner of the Internet

This is a very interesting question that as we are using the internet all the day, then who is the owner of the Internet? In others words, we can say Who Owns the Internet? Where does this come from? Perhaps many times you might have also come across this question that Who owns the Internet? Someone may have given you the answer that Google is the owner of the internet and someone has said that Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, is the owner of Idea Internet.

If you think so, then you are wrong. All companies like Airtel, Reliance, Idea and, Vodafone are all providing the reach of the Internet to us, but they are not the owner of it.

Then Who Owns The Internet

What is the Internet and How the Internet Works

See, you are reading this POST, so you are getting it from the server which is thousands of kilometers away from us. When this post is coming to your device from the server, a connection between your device and the server is being created.

You have to pay money for this connection. Which you give to your country’s Internet Providers company like Idea, Vodafone, and Airtel etc. These companies are limited to the country and hence the money is given to the international company by them.

If we understand it easily, then take an example of the vegetable. As the farmer does not come to your house to give vegetables. First vegetable is reached in a vegetable market after that, through small shopkeepers, it only reaches to your home.

Similarly, ISP (Internet Service Provider) is also in 3 TIERS

1 ISP: Understanding in simple words, then at the first level the companies are those who have connected the country to another country by laying optical fibers cable in the ocean. These companies have set up a network of cables in the sea by investing their own money.
Such as: NTT Communications, ORANGE (OpenTransmit), Sprint, Tata Communications

2 ISP: The other level of those companies that reach the Internet to a country i.e. Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, and Idea. These companies together with 1 ISP companies bring Internet services to the country.

3 ISP: Coming at the third level of those companies which provides a device in your home. If you are from Delhi or NCR then you may know local companies like HATHWAY, SPECTRA. Which connects you with companies like Vodafone Airtel Idea to the Internet.

When you give money for the internet which you are using, then the money is delivered to the next level company. But the international company does not give money to anyone. International companies like a farmer who has planted his own vegetables.

Hopefully, all of you have now realized that the owner of the internet is not a person, but there are many companies. All Companies together owns the internet. So, friends, I hope all your doubts regarding Who Owns the Internet is clear.

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