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What is IMEI Number and How to Check IMEI Number

What is IMEI Number in Phones
What is IMEI Number in Phones

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As I said, we bring information related to technology here, today we will tell you about the information related to a smartphone. This information can be very important for you. So without delay, let’s get start.

This information is about the IMEI number. I would like to ask a question that What is IMEI Number. I know that everybody has heard about the IMEI number, but no one knows what it is, how does it work? how can we find IMEI Number, etc?

First of all, let me tell you that you will find your phone or smart phone’s IMEI Number on:

  • Your phone’s bill
  • In the phone’s box
  • Oon the phone’s back panel
  • Under the phone’s battery
  • Or you can also see it by pressing * # 06 # into your speed dial

Whether you buy any smartphone, whether it is Cheap, Expensive, Chinese, or any Canadian phone, we get this IMEI number in all the mobiles. It is 15 digits number.

The IMEI numbers are different for all phones. For example, this could be someone’s phone’s IMEI number. IMEI Number: -> 8622120******67 [The ‘*’ denotes a digit.

What is IMEI Number – All Information

First of all, it is important to know what is IMEI number means. So let me tell you the full form of IMEI Number, It is International Mobile Equipment Identity. If we look at it in Hindi then it speaks ‘international mobile device identification number‘.

This 15 digit IMEI number is given only in the device where networks like GSM and CDMA are used. That is, IMEI number is not there in the Featured Phones where we can only receive and make calls, i.e. the phones are not smartphones (as we used to speak in the Indian language, Dabbe Phone…😂😂).

The device which has a GSM SIM and where you can use the internet in a good way, those mobile phones has IMEI number.

It is a type of identity of that device that means all the information about that device can be traced from the IMEI number. You can get it by dialing *#06# on your mobile. The moment you dial the last #, the IMEI number will be there on your screen.

What is IMEI number
Dial *#06# for IMEI Number

If you keep 2 SIM in your mobile, and you dial *#06#, then you will see two IMEI number on the screen. Friends, this IMEI number is of very much important, so it would be better if you remember this IMEI number.

Friends, you can note this IMEI number somewhere because if your phone gets lost somewhere and then you go to the police. They will say that we need your IMEI number to trace your phone, in that case, you must have your IMEI number.

That is, the Police will be able to trace your phone from your IMEI number very easy.

How It Works

Basically, the IMEI number which is our GSM network (any GSM network such as Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, etc). This GSM network identifies IMEI Number with its SIM. When you put SIM in any cell phone and power it on, then it automatically goes to IMEI Information and many other information goes on the phone.

Then whenever we try to Locate our mobile, then with the help of the IMEI number, we can easily get to know where that phone is. Because he (IMEI Number) works like a root and helps us to know where our phone is. For example, we can say that it (IMEI Number) works like a radar.

But there is a condition for tracking the lost phone is that the phone should be Switched On ie the phone should be turned on. If the SIM is not on that phone then we can not track that phone. Then we can just do one thing that if we know the IMEI number then we can disable that device.

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That’s why I’m saying that IMEI Number should be known to you and it is very important. Because if your phone gets lost due to bad luck, it will work for you to find your phone. The IMEI number will give you the information regarding the phone’s location so that your security is maintained and your data will not go to the wrong hand and people will not be able to take advantage of it.

And friends, if you do not get your IMEI number but you have made a back up to your Google Account or any other account. With that also you can get your phone’s IMEI number. In this case, you go to Google Account and go to Settings to see the IMEI Number in the My Devices option.

In the same way, if you have this problem in your iPhone then you can get the IMEI number of your iPhone in iCloud.

Friends, I hope you liked this post, and you may have understood what is IMEI number and how it works, how we can find it using our phone easily. If you like this post, then you must share it with your friends on social media. Also, follow us for such tactical information related to technology, blogging, SEO, Adsense, and many more categories.



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