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Udchalo Flight Book – Cheaper Than Defence Quota

Udchalo Flight

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How to book Udchalo Flight, Cheaper than defence Quota

Udchalo Flight : Whenever a Military Person travels from one place to another, then he search Udchalo, Udchalo flight defence quota, Air India Defence Quota or Indigo Defence Quota because we (Defence Personnel) fully believes that the flight under Udchalo Defence Quota or ticket under any Defence Quotas will be cheaper than normal ticket. But this is not completely true. Let’s first talk about the Flight Defence Quota and then talk about Udchalo Flight.

What is Defence Quota Flight Ticket Booking

Air India offers a 50% discount in the Base Fair under the Defense Quota, this term is 100% true. But there are some other charges in the flight ticket booking, such as Passenger Service Fees, User Development Fees, Fuel Surcharge, GST etc. and there is no concession on these charges under Defence quota. In addition to Air India, other airlines such as indigo, jet airways, spicejet, go air etc. also provides Defence quota in their flights. You can book a ticket under Defence quota on the official websites of these flights.

For this, you have to go to google search and search Jet Airways Defence quota, Indigo Defence quota flight or Go Air Defence quota and from there you can book the reservation quota flight ticket under which you will get 50% discount in the base fair.

Eligibility Criteria for Book Flight Ticket Under Defence Quota

Under the Defense Quota, the airline company gives 50% discount to the Military and Paramilitary force and their dependents in the base fair. Ex servicemen can also book flight tickets under Defense quota. The following are the qualifications for booking a flight ticket under the Defense Quota.

  • Under this, the Military, Paramilitary, their dependents and ex servicemen can book tickets.
  • War Widows can also book tickets under the Flight Defense Quote.
  • At the time of boarding, the passenger has to provide an identity card or dependent card.

For your information, I tell you that every flight has a limited number of seats in the defense quote, after which the defense person is not given the Defense quotas. In this situation Udchalo also can not even give a discount in the flight.

Let’s Talk About Concession

Udchalo flight or other Airline Defense quota offers a 50% discount in the base fair. And the base fair is about 50% -60% of the total amount of flight ticket. The rest has fuel surcharge, user development fees, GST. If the ticket is booked under the UDCHALO Defense Quota, then the Defense Person gets a discount of about 1000 to 1500 rupees.

If the ticket is more expensive then the discount will be from 1500 to 2000 rupees. Also, if the defense quota seat is not available then the defense person has to make full payment. Apart from this, the Defense quota seats in the flights are less in those flights where booking demand is high. This is the reason that many times the Defense quota is not available in the flight ticket on the suitable timing.

Udchalo Flight Ticket Booking

In the Udchlo Defence quota, a Defense Person and Retired Defense Person gets 50% concession in the flight booking. The Udchlo website is a very good platform for the Defense person, where the Defense person can compare the prices of all airline flights and book a flight ticket under the Airline’s Defense quota given by the airline. For your information, Udchlo does not give any discounts to the defense person on his behalf. At udchlo flight gives, only 50% discount in the Base Fare given by the airline company.

When the Defense quota gets full on any airline company’s flight, the defense quota is also not available on the Udchalo website and the military person has to pay full flight fare.

You can also get the discount on the official website of the airline, but the biggest advantage of Udchalo is that it compares all the airline’s flight fairs and you can book different flight tickets at one place instead of going to different websites.

Book Flight Tickets Cheaper Than Udchalo Flight

Friends, now we will talk about how you can book flight tickets cheaper then Udchalo Flight and Airlines website. First of all I will tell you about the two facilities which you do not get under the Defense Quote on the Udchlo and Airline website and many times it also causes you considerable loss.

Flexi Fare (Withput Defence Quota)

You do not get Flexi fare facility at udchalo or any other website in the Defense Quota flight ticket booking. After booking a flight ticket on the website of Udchalo and Goindigo, it is found that a discount of Rs 500 to Rs 700 was given in the defense quote but the Defence person are not getting the facility of Flexy fair under the defense quota.

If the customer books a flight ticket under Flexi Fair, then he has to pay approximately 300 to 400 rupees more than the normal fares of the flight. But if he does the flight reschedule (if he wants to travel on any other day due to his leave or other requirement), then he will not be charged with extra money (He will not pay extra), which means that the customer can change his flight if additional 300 rupees paid extra as Flexi Fare.

But after booking a flight ticket under the defense quota, the rescheduling of the flight will be required to pay a fee of 2250 rupees. Under the defense quota, the Jawans do not get the facility of flexi fare and there is considerable loss of money on changing the flight.

For your information, you are allowed luggage bags up to 15 kilograms and carry hand bags up to 7 kilograms.

Udchalo Flight – No Offers

Now let’s talk about the second facility which is not available under the Defense Quota in Udchlo flight and other airline flights. That is “OFFER” , we do not get any offer under Defence quota in Udchalo and Airlines website.

Whenever we book a flight ticket under the Defense quota, we do not get any offers other than the Defense concession and we make a lot of losses for discounts ranging from 500 to 800 rupees in Defense quota. You can read in the second line in the screenshot below that you will not get any other offer with Defence Quota (this is a screenshot of the official website of spicejet).

SpiceJet Website Screen Shot

Defense person who receives a discount of 500 to 800 rupees through defence quota, travel agent takes 200 to 300 rupees. Altogether, defense personnel do not get much benefit.

In the different side civil person does not own a defense quota and book tickets for himself, which is cheaper then defence quota.

How To Book Cheap Ticket Without Defence Quota

If we book a normal flight ticket without a defense quote, then we get 4 types of discounts.

  • When we book a flight ticket from a travel company such as Expedia, Make My Trip, Goibibo, Clear Trip and Trip Adviser, then these companies give a cash back offer for sign up, which ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 2000.We can use this Cash Back for Flight Ticket Booking and Hotel Booking.
  • Apart from this, these companies offer 10% to 30% flight ticket offer booking ticket from these companies. In the photo below you can see the offer of make my trip in which if the customer signup and book a ticket using Make My Trip App, will get 1299 Cashback on the booked ticket, also Rs 2,000 in his MMT wallet. Although the offers vary from time to time. We can not take advantage of this offer in Defense Quota.
Udchalo Flight
Offers in make My Trip
  • Airline companies also offer flight ticket promotion from time to time, which is at least 10% to 40%. If we also book a return ticket with these offers, then these offers are attractive and cheap also. Companies do not offer these offers in the defense quota
  • If you pay with any payment gateway like Paytm, Mobikwik, Phonepe, Google Pay, Jio money and Free charge you can still get cashback upto Rs.1000. All these e-wallets also offer a cashback of 500 to 1000 rupees on domestic flights
  • Banks also gives a 10% to 20% discount on Debit card and Credit card by compromising with the airline companies. If we pay using debit or credit card of the bank given in the offer. Together, these banks also offer rewards points for online transmissions which we can use later to convert them into cash

If you use all these discount offers and cashback offers, you will be able to easily book a cheaper ticket then the defense quota given by Udchalo flight and other airline companies. Also you can save a lot of money in the entire year. Due to all these offers, the travel agent has the advantage that he uses the payment using his card, all these tickets book tickets and earn good profits.


Today everyone has a Smartphone and can easily book a flight ticket with the help of it. So, I personally request to all my Brave Soldiers/ Defence person that, they must learn to book flight ticket with the Smartphone because he has to travel frequently and using all these facilities he can easily save his money and Can save time also.

If you want to book the cheapest airline tickets, then you can check the Flight Fair at Make My Trip, paytm, cleartrip or goibibo and also you get cashback also.

You can get Rs 2000 Rs. cashback by downloading Make My Trip Android App. Whenever you open your free account on any travel website, you get a Welcome Offer of up to Rs 1000, which you can use in flight ticket booking. So always check the fare of the flights on all the websites and applications and take the advantage of offers and book a flight ticket cheaper then Udchalo Flight and others.

If you are facing any difficulty in booking the flight ticket either it may be Udchalo Flight or other or Under Defence quota. You can ask us in the comment box, we will send you the latest Flight ticket offers.

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