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Top 10 Important Blogging Myths [Best Ever]

Blogging Myths
Top 10 Important Blogging Myths

Meaning of Myth is False Idea or False Belief. Now maybe you have understood what we will learn in this post. To achieve success, it is necessary to know all the wrong things related to that field. If you are doing Blogging then Blogging-related Myths or Blogging Myths should be known to you. You can also call it Blogging Rule.

Top 10 Important Blogging Myths

Over the time, the population of the bloggers is growing steadily. Now millions of people are sharing their thoughts and experiences in their blog on the internet. How many readers are there on their blog, we are not aware but bloggers are constantly writing. When they get tired of writing then only they ask a Successful Bloggers about website traffic not coming what to do.

My friends, traffic will not just come due to writing Blog Post. Any topic that you think about writing, just do one thing- search on google, then you will find millions of blogs post that have written on Same Topic. In such a way, our way of writing should be different from others, then only our blog will get the love of both- User and Search Engine.

Blogging Myths

# 1. Do you Blog Just for Money:

Why do you blogging? If this answer is money, then this answer will not allow your blog to grow. I have often told Blogging is the work of Patience. If you continue with the same energy level as you started, then it will get 100% success.

If you start with very positive energy, a few days later in your mind money will come. Then more than writing a blog post, you start seeing Adsense and analytic report.reed.

#2. Success Takes Time (Success Matches with Time):

If success is to meet in two to four hours then there is no value of success. Just like today, the blog post of the New Blogger has no value. But there will be no value to say it is wrong. It takes time to make a name brand. Google does not become Google in one day, Facebook does not become Facebook in a day.

Facebook launched in 2004, but people start knowing it in 2009. While its Core Members continued to develop it. There was not the single day when its development or promotion was not done. So if you want to be successful then work honestly with continue work.

# 3 Traffic = Dollar

When the word Dollar comes in the ear, the heart and mind feel the freshness. To make money from blogging, it is very important to have Traffic on Blog. If you want to make money from blogging, pay more attention on how to bring traffic on the Blog not on how to make money.

Once good traffic came, think half the journey of success is fixed. There are several ways to increase Blog Traffic. Out of which Social Media results instantly. So try to share your post on social media.

# 4. Blog Post 300 to 700 words: Blogging Myths

There is no need to have blog Post Length 300 to 700 Word. The post with more or less than these word limit is also ranked in the Search Engine. Many factors work to rank any post. No matter how many words in the Post, the main thing is that it should be understood by everyone.

Internet users do not want to spend much time anywhere. That’s why they prefer a smaller post. But if it is a matter of explaining anything or a tutorial post, you can use more words. Do not force the post to get prolonged.

# 5. Blogging is a Secure Way of Earning

If you are thinking Blogging is a safe job then this is your Misconception. If we talk about online work, then no online work is secure.

Are you familiar with the word hackers? Ther are two types of hackers: Black Hat Hacker and White Hat Hacker. Black Hat Hackers can also be called as Online Criminal. Because they hack any online platform.

Every day there is a large number of website hack. If you did not secure your website properly then you may also be a victim of Hacker. But if you have achieved success in the blogging world then this is Secure Way. Successful people have many options.

# 6. One Man Army: Blogging Myths

Yes, in the early days of blogging, only you will write content, you will also promote but when some income starts then you can think of increasing your team member. If you want to identify yourself in the blogging world, then you have to give time to blogging.

Some people give time to blogging but the post that takes 2 hours to write they take 6 hours to write that post. Why does this happen because we often reduce time on blogging and waste time on YouTube, Facebook or any other website. That is why we should work with the To do list.

# 7. Blogging means Writing: Blogging Myths

Yes, but no Blogging is meant to write and keep writing, it is absolutely right but wrong. The real meaning of Blogging is Education and Entertainment. From Blogging, you may learn how to write, but only writing can not generate traffic. Write a good and informative post that will bring the ‘ positive changes‘ in the reader’s life. Writing is just a method. Quality Writing is the key to success.

# 8. Role of Google+

Almost all bloggers use Social Media Sharing for Content Promotion but they used to share the content only on Facebook. Why do they feel that Google + is useless, here nothing can happen. We follow all Google guidelines to rank in Google but refrain from sharing on Google+.


# 9. Do not Want to Share Blogs of Competitors

Almost all Newbie Bloggers does not want to share their Competitor’s post. It’s a natural phenomena. This is correct but, by sharing the Competitor’s Blog Post, we get two benefits.

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(i) If you are sharing the post of a good Blog whose traffic is very good, then it is good for your blog. In future, you will get its advantage.
(ii) This will increase your Reader Base by sharing their post for the user’s help. Your credibility will increase in the eyes of the user.

# 10. Blogging means Lazy Work:

There is no doubt about it that over time you will become fast or become lazy because neither time is fixed nor the Place is fixed. Just Laptop and Internet Connection. If you do Blogging with laziness, then stop thinking about success, if you want to be successful then you have to work hard.

These are some Blogging Myths which we have to know if we are working in that field. Hove this post will be helpful to you and also to your Blog.

If you really like this post then, do share with your friends. Also if you have some more Blogging Myths then share with us in the Comment section.


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