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How to Remove Pattern Lock of Any Mobile in Just 2 Minutes

how to remove pattern lock of any mobile

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How To Remove Pattern Lock Of Any Mobile/ Your Android Mobile

Many times we forget the pattern or PIN of our phone, which makes us very upset and we have to pay some money to open this Pattern Lock but there is no problem You can open your mobile’s Pattern Lock or Pin itself, and also you can earn a few rupees in just 2 minutes by opening the Pattern Lock of other people’s mobile. This article will teach you that ‘How to Remove Pattern of Any Mobile’.

For this you do not require any software nor you need a computer to connect. We will tell you two ways, with this you can remove pattern lock of any mobile in just  2 minutes without any help.

How to open Pattern Lock of your mobile from Factory Data Reset

This method is for those people whose mobile version of Lollipop and above, Those having mobile version below Lollipop may have a little bit problem. But most of the mobiles are coming with the version of Lollipop and above.

This method works 100% on these versions of mobile. In this method we will try WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET setting and using this method you can easily HARD RESET your mobile without pattern or we can say you forget your password/pattern.

Here is the procedure for unlocking your mobile without password:-

So first you have to shut down your mobile and then bring the mobile into Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode – You can press some of the buttons on the mobile at a time, some of the mobile’s recovery mode may vary, so that you can reset your mobile, so that the pattern of your mobile also opens.

You can ask Google to access your mobile recovery mode for which you have to type on google what is the recovery of (mobile name) in Google. Many sites will come in the result from which you can find your mobile recovery mode button.

By the way, most of the mobile’s recovery mode is power button + volume up / down. You can bring recovery mode by holding the power button and volume up and down buttons together for a while. Mobile touch scree does not work in Recovery Mode, So you can OK/ENTER with the POWER Button and UP/DOWN with the Volume Buttons.

When you press the Recovery Mode buttons, the recovery mode of your mobile will open which will bring you many options. You have to okay with the power button on the Wipe data / Factory reset. After this, Click yes.

After some time your mobile user data will be DELETED so that your pattern will also delete. Once the Factory Reset is done, you have to OK on Reboot. Then your mobile will be on. After the mobile is on, you can set the second pattern.

How To Open Pattern Lock With Forget Pattern Lock Option/ How to Remove Pattern Lock of Any Mobile

Whenever you buy a new mobile, You have to sign in to the Playstore with your Gmail Id in order to run it. If you remember this Gmail id and password, then you can easily open Pettern lock. Internet Gmail ID is very useful. So you have to remember it.

Whenever your pattern gets locked, a chance is given 5 times to open it, if it does not open in 5 times, then 30 seconds you have to wait. But when 5 chances are completed, then there are some options under the Pattern i.e. Emergency calls and forget patterns.

So first of all you have to click on the Forget Pattern, then there will be an option of Gmail logging, you need to sign in to the mobile by registering the Gmail ID and password. The pattern lock will open as soon as the sign in completed. Now you can set another pattern lock.

So by these means you can save some of your money by opening your mobile’s pattern lock or pin lock and also earn some money by opening the lock of someone else’s mobile. Now you can easily understood that How to Remove Pattern Lock of Any Mobile.

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