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Protect Your Confidential Data from Hackers- Only 3 Apps

how to protect confidential data of your mobile

As we know that there was a security breach in Yahoo, which Affected around 499 million users private data. We are now getting used to hearing about numerous leaks, hacks and security breach day to day.But you don’t worry about all these things because we bring you some Apps for securing your confidential data from hacks and you can easily protect confidential data of your phone.

This got me thinking:

  • I will be using several different companies apps then how can I be sure about data privacy. That which is safe and which is dangerous for the private data.

As we know that, most of us don’t want someone to access our private data on the phone. It means that I wanted to keep all my phones data safe so that no one can hack this. because people are waiting for others, so taht any mistake done by the individual and his data will be hacked.

Hacking possibilities will increase in many cases. This applies to both companies (like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.) as well as governments. At present, One information has been released just now of a hack as well. It is believed to have affected around 50 million users.

we can say simply that some cloud storage required to be instituted.

So, we have a number of different apps for the cloud storage. By this, we can gain control on the online behavior.

In this post, we have introduced three options in the following categories: By which you can Protect confidential data of your mobile

  1. Messaging

  2. Photo Storage

  3. Browser Usage

1. Messaging – Signal

As we know that Whatsup is sold by Facebook, and whatsup set a standard for sharing data with the Facebook. Also just like Facebook and whatsup many other apps are also trying to do the same thing and trying to set the new standard, like WickrGilph, and ChatSecure.

how to protect confidential data of your mobile

In the world of privacy means in the internet world if you want to protect your data, then one famous app signal  can help you a lot.

The Signal app is Free and available for both iOS and Android. The app is used to send the message to your Loved one with online privacy. It encrypts your messages end to end. So that no one can read your messages which you have sent to your beloved. It also has the ability to delete the messages.

The Signal also allows multi-platform usage. So that it enables you to move from mobile to stationary messaging by linking your app to a desktop client.

One of the downside of Signal App is that you can not able to send the message to those who have not downloaded it. This app is independent on its way. The problem of this type is not limited to the Signal messaging app but is for the whole private messaging apps.

The Signal app is available on App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android.

2. Browser – Alohaand protect confidential data

Browser plays an important role in Online privacy.

Which browser is to be used for protecting your data from hacks, is the most thinkable job. because browser stores the data about our activity (private and Confidential).

how to protect confidential data of your mobile

If you want your data cannot be hacked, then start use of a secure and private browser. It has become necessary the use of private and secure browser so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

One of the best browser Aloha which comes with an inbuilt VPN service. As we know that use of a VPN is very hassle and time taking, but Aloha does it for you, you are not supposed to anything. Aloha does it for you automatically.

I tell you what VPN does. A VPN is a tool that does a very useful job for us, it helps in redirecting the traffic from your device to any given website.

One more job Aloha does, that is, it locks and password protects certain tabs which you want. By using this you are not only safeguarding your phone digitally but also safeguarding the data to be circulated via physical manner.

Aloha doesn’t do one more thing which is good for us. Aloha doesn’t store the activity which we do online. If it does not have anything, then what he will share.

The app Aloha is only available on iPhone (for free) through the App Store. And the Android app is under development.

Before we move ahead on #3

Clouds have become a necessity.

Nowadays cloud storage has become a necessity because a mobile memory cannot handle such a huge amount of data. Because if I want to store my Images/photos within a secure circle, then I would like to send it to Cloud storage ( data storage ) that is needed today.

Mainly in the world of Facebook and Instagram cloud storage has become the necessary thing for the smooth functioning of our daily life. But we are seeing many hacks and leaks, it means cloud storage is also not a safe method for storing the data.

Many celebrities exposed on daily basis, but the use of cloud storage does not reduce. This is because of integration of cloud storage inside the mobile phone.

The use of cloud storage becomes necessary, it can’t be avoided. Because many of us buy a mobile phone with 16GB storage space mobile phone because its pricing and even also a 32GB storage space is not enough in the world of Facebook and Instagram. avoiding cloud usage.

3. Photo Storage – Planky

The Planky App is a real-time and offline photo compression tool.

The use of Planky is that It provides (HQ) high-quality photos within a low storage and also it can reduce file size of up to 95%. So that a large number of data can be stored in a small space.

how to protect confidential data of your mobile

If you are using this app, then the privacy of your data will increase and reduce the risk of hacking, because everything is stored on your phone locally. No use of cloud storage because you can store more data in less space. Now due to locally storage of your data, the upgradation cost of your cloud storage will be saved.

The app is user-friendly and easy to use. You can avoid the thought of that who else is using your data because everything is with you on your phone, not in the cloud.

The app Planky is free of cost for iPhone user and iPad on the App Store. But, Unfortunately, the app is under development for Android users.

We have more list of the apps for online privacy but these three apps are enough for starting online data privacy. All the apps have some ups and downs but all will do the task which is required for the online privacy.

So, fiends, I hope this article will definitely help you to protect confidential data of your phone. If you have some suggestion and more apps then do share with us in the comment box.



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