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Types of Passport || Passport Type In India [Its Amazing]

Passport type in India
Types of Passport in India

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How many types of Passports are there?  How Many Types of Passports in India?

Passport Type in India: Today we will tell you another very important information. We have already told you some things related to this information in our previous post before. We told you earlier in the post about How to Apply for Online Passport.

So, as we know that there are 59 countries where we can go with Indian passport. Because the Indian passport has now been included in the world’s most powerful Passport. And that’s why people of India can go to 59 countries without the visa.

But do you know that there are three types of Passport on the basis of Color. And these three passports have different significance. So today we will give you full and detailed information about these three passports. So you can read this information carefully and probably you don’t have this kind of information before and it is very important for you to know.

1. Passports in India

As we have mentioned above, Indian passports are of 3 types, depending on the color. So, first of all, we will talk about the Blue Color passport of India. How is this Blue colored passport made and for whom it is made? And what is its work?

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Passport Type : Based on Color

Passport Type in India
Passport Types in India

2. Blue Passport

Blue Passport is available in both Regular and Instant ways. This passport is made for ordinary people of India. And this Blue color of this passport reflects Indianism. And to keep it separate from the Oficial and Diplomatic, the Passport color is kept blue. And due to its Blue color, the other overseas Custom Officers does not face any difficulty in conducting anyinnd of investigation. And it is very easy to check Passports.

The Passport holder’s name is there in the Blue Passport. Apart from this, some other information related to his birth date, his birthplace, his signature, his photo are also there in the Blue Passport. And this passport is also seen as the Identity of the passport holder.

When a person has issued a passport or his passport is made. Then the person can get a Visa on passport and go anywhere. Now you may have come to know that the Blue Passport is made for Ordinary people of India.

3. White Passport

The White Passport is different from the other Passport, such as the Blue Passport. This Passport is made for the Official people who go abroad for government work. The White color of the Passport shows the Government Official and this Passport is only for those people who are going for the Official work in abroad.

The white colored passport is made for the Identity of the Government Official. To make a White Passport, a separate application has to be made and it has to be told in that application that why a person needs the white passport. And why he wants to get it. The person with white passport gets some different facilities too.

4. Maroon Color Passport

Third Passport type in India is of Maroon color. This passport is also known as Diplomatic Passport. And as you know it by its name. This passport is made for the Indian Political and Senior Government Officials. The Maroon-colored passport is issued to high officials like Indian Political and Senior Government Officials such as IPS and IAS. With this passport, those high officials are given all kinds of facilities starting from travel abroad.

After getting this passport, there is no need to apply for Visa to go abroad. And due to this passport, those people get immigrants very soon as compared to the common people. Diplomatic passports are issued to those people which are the Officers of the High Commission or the representatives of the government. The color of this passport is different from the color of those two above mentioned passports.

Because this passport can be Identified differently. Due to its color, there is no problem in checking any investigation officer for any kind of investigation. Such a passport holder is being examined very little. It is very difficult to make this passport. But it requires a separate application, in which you have to tell that why you need a Diplomatic Passport and why do you want to get it.

The holder of this passport does not have any problem abroad. And it is very difficult to make a case abroad against the holder of such a passport. Also easily this type of people cannot be sued. But this passport is not made for ordinary people and also an ordinary people cannot apply for this.

5. Passport Type: Based on Duration

We have told you above regarding Passport type as per color. But now we will tell you how many types of passports are there based on the Duration.

Depending on the duration, passports are of two types. Normal passport, which is built within 10 to 20 days. And the second is an Instant passport, which you can make in 3 to 7 days. But the cost of Instant Passports is slightly higher than the normal passport.

For example, suppose the general passport expenditure is Rs. 1 thousand. So the cost of Instant Passport will be Rs. 3000 as the Instant Passport is made very quickly. In this, you have to do all kinds of information verification very quickly.

Therefore, the cost of this passport is slightly higher. And if you need a passport very soon. You can apply for an Instant Passport. This passport is similar to a regular passport. as all the information related to Passport Holder is same.

For this Passport, the Applicant has to write a contract. In which he fills all the information about himself and apart from this, a first-class gazetted officer has to give a verification on his behalf that he knows the applicant. Within 3 to 7 days of applying for Instant Passport, your passport is made and delivered to your house by post.

Apart from this, normal passports are made within 10 to 20 days of the time. And sometimes it takes one month for the passport. Even after this, the passport is delivered to the applicant’s house.

6. Passport Type: Based on Page

As we have seen Passport type as per duration and color, there is one more passport type which depends on Pages. So, there are two types of Passport according to Pages. A passport is of 36 pages and the second passport is 60 pages.

Book of 36 pages for children’s passport is given. Apart from this, young people above 18 years can take the Passport book of 36 pages or 60 page.

7. Passport Type: Based on Validity

There are two types of passports on the basis of validity. The 10-year period is made for ordinary people. Whenever ordinary people apply for passports to be made. They get passports for up to 10 years.

One is the Adult passport it belongs to the child. This passport is made for children of age 5 years to 18 years of age. The 15-year-old child can also apply for a 10-year normal passport.

Who can make a Passport

Any person of India can make a passport, it can be made of a child of one day to a person of any age and whose parents have a passport, they can make a passport based on their own certificate. You have to give proof of your date of birth to make a passport. In this you can give a copy of your birth certificate or mark sheet of tenth class.

After that you have to give proof of your address. In Address proof, you can give your Aadhaar card, PAN card, Ration card, Voter ID card etc as the proof of your address.

Apart from this, you also have to provide proof of your Id. In this, you can give your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID card. Also, a photo of yours is taken in the passport center.

So friends, today we have told you a very great and important information in this post. If you liked this information on Passport type then, do not forget to share it and if you have any questions or suggestions about it then you can ask us by commenting in the Comment Box below.


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