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Mr Natwarlal – The Man Who Sold Tajmahal Thrice

Mr Natwarlal
Mr Natwarlal

You must have heard the name of Mr Natwarlal. So, You must also have heard that Natwarlal was a very big Conman. You may also have seen Mr Natwarlal’s film in which Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Natwar Lal. You might have also seen Imran Hashmi’s Raja Natwarlal film.

But do you know who was Natwar Lal? How did Mr. Natwarlal look like? What did he do?

We are telling you the complete truth about India’s biggest Conman – Mr. Natwarlal.

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Mr Natwarlal

Natwarlal – Only the name is enough. Yes, the name of Mr Natwarlal has become the synonym and idiom of Swindle (Thugi). In the seventies, eighty and ninety decades, Mr Natwarlal became the infamous smug of India by giving the events of many Swindle (thugs) after one by one. Though Natwarlal’s activities may be a crime in the eyes of the law, he considered it a social service.

Natwarlal, who cheated millions of rupees in his lifetime, had said that he lied to people asking for money and people give him what is wrong with him. Not only that, Natwarlal claimed that if the government allows it, he could take off the country’s foreign debt through the shit. We will tell you about Natwarlal, who has remained India’s most wanted man for many decades due to his insincerity.

If you wanted to know more about Mr. Natwarlal, then you should watch this video. Natwarlal is the man who sold Tajmahal thrice, He also sold Parliament, Red Fort and many more.

One more interesting thing is that once he became The great President of India Mr. Rajender and also did a big bang. 

Watch this video to know about the great Conman of India Mr. Natwarlal.

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