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Most Viewed Video On Youtube [2018 Latest]

Most viewed video on Youtube

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Most Viewed Video On Youtube

Do you know which is the most viewed video on youtube in the world? A few days ago, this list had the names at the top were Viz Khalifa and Chirli Path’s song “See You Again“, but recently Louis Fonsey and Daddy Yankee’s song ‘Despacito‘ has come at the top of the list. This video has seen more than 5 Billion 03 Million 67 Lakhs or we can say 5036.7 Million views on YouTube, and this number is continuously expanding.

Despacito‘, which means slowly-slowly. Well, it is being liked throughout the globe and also in India too. Despacito does not slow down in six months. It has made its magic very fast and it has become the most streamed song to date.

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Despacito‘ is a Spanish song that people do not understand. But the music is so fantastic that it is heard by everyone with full craziness and loudly.

It is a normal rap song but its language and style are attracting people towards it. Since the release of this song, many such videos have surfaced in which people are seen dancing their step by mixing this song.

Changing of Trendz

This song has been in the list of America’s Hot 100 songs for the past 30 weeks and also in the top list of most viewed video on Youtube. Let’s say that about a month ago of this song released, Viz Khalifa and Charlie Path’s songSee You Again” had surpassed Korean pop star PSY’s superhit song ‘Gangnam Style’. The song “See You Again” was prepared for the film ‘Fast and Furious 7‘. The song was released in 2015 to give a tribute to Paul Walker.

It is worth mentioning that the song “Gangnam Style” of Korean rapper PSY came in 2012 and made a boom/blast on the youtube platform, the time when he came on YouTube. Now the songs seen on YouTube are:

  1. Despacito‘ at the first number
  2. See You Again‘ on the second and
  3. Gangnam Style’ of PSY at number three.

So, friend, this is the video which is the most viewed video on youtube. If you have some other list of the videos, then do share with us in the comment box. Also if you have any suggestion for improving this website, then you can directly contact us.



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