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Make Money From PUBG by Playing It

Make money from PUBG

Make Money from PUBG :- PUBG is the world’s most popular Mobile and computer game in today’s date. This game is installed on everyone’s mobile, who like to play games. Its popularity can be estimated that many Hotels and restaurants has been opened on PUBG Theme.

PUBG is a game which comes for both the platform i.e. Mobile and Computer. You can install PUBG mobile in your smart phone and can make money by playing it. (Make money from PUBG). ou can also make money from PUBG by playing it.

How to Make Money From PUBG

Now coming to the point, can we really make money by playing PUBG. So, my answer will be ‘YES’. Yes, you can make money from PUBG by playing it. But you can find any option on this game for ‘Earn Money’.

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In this article I will explain, how can you earn a good money just by playing PUBG game and can convert your Gaming Passion into Profession. So, let’s get start….

Here, I have explained you two best ways by which a player can earn a good amount of money.

PUBG Tournament – Make money from PUBG

Due to popularity of this game, many Game developers and internet Influencers are coming together and organizing the Tournament for PUBG Lovers. Where thousands of PUBG Players are joins each other and earns money by playing games. The Tournament is as common as you play in your mobile.

Make money from PUBG

The user have to pay some money as entry fees for participating in the tournament. Then a registration process will be done, after that you can play game in the tournament. The game will be same as you play in normal day to day life.

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Here the money will be earned, if you kill the enemy. In simple language, you will be paid according to per kill you made. For example :- If the entry fes will be Rs. 20, then you will get Rs. 15 per kill. It means, if you made 10 kills, you will get Rs. 150.

Play PUBG On YouTube – Make money from PUBG

Now a days, YouTube gaming is a platform which is converting passion into Profession. We have many examples which shows that many people became famous and financially better only because of YouTube.

Make money from PUBG

You can better understand the importance of Gaming, because YouTube has a separate platform of gaming. YouTube gaming platform has only gaming channels. On the other side if you plays PUBG, then it is the golden opportunity for you to earn money.

In this platform, you can live telecast your game and also record the game using any software and then upload it on YouTube. By these two methods of YouTube, you can get good income. If you want to know, how to earn money on YouTube, You can visit YouTube and search the termHow to make money from YouTube“.

Pros and Cons – Make Money from PUBG

  • Always keep in mind that do not start any work without thinking twice. Always think of its process and result. But it is sure that the above methods will definitely make money for you.
  • But sometimes we get fraud tournaments, they takes the entry fees but didn’t give rewards.
  • So, you have to double sure about the tournament and read its terms and condition. Also check payment details and users review before registration.
  • If you want to earn money from PUBG without any investment, then YouTube is the best platform for this. By doing a little hard work, your channel will grow and you can start earning by monetizing the channel.
  • Both the methods have cons and pros. By playing the tournament, with a little investment, you can earn from the day 1. While in YouTube uploading the video and Live telecast your stream will take some time. After some watch time of 4000 hours your earning will start. YouTube method is safe but earning will start after some time. You are reading Make money from PUBG


Friends, if you have passion of playing PUBG then you can earn money by applying above two technique. If you want to earn money as long tern, then both Tournament and YouTube are best option.

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