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How To Increase Platelet Count [Easiest Method]

How to increase Platelet Count
How to increase Platelet Count

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How To Increase Platelet Count Naturally

The body of a human being is a Museum of different things, and its blood is also a mixture of many such elements that are very important. One such substance found in the blood is platelets or thrombocytes. Platelets are in the blood and it is in the shape of the cell plate, by which they are called platelets. Platelets count in blood is very much important. In this article, we will learn how to Increase Platelet Count in a natural way and very easily.

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Our blood should have at least in the range of about 150000 to 450000 in micro-liter platelets for complete health. If this number is less than 150000  thrombocytopenia and if more than  450000 thrombocytoses may happen. The number of these is a matter of concern because it helps in wounding, so let us know how to increase platelet count, how to increase platelets, how to increase platelet count in the blood, by the natural way (Through diet).

What is Platelets & Reason for Platelets being Reduced 

Before you increase the platelet from the diet, know what is the lack of platelet and how it happens

  • The main reason for platelets being reduced: The Platelet is the blood cell that stops blood flow by forming a blood clot in the wound. If the amount of these Platelets decreases, the bleeding does not stop immediately in the wound.
  • The Platelet is formed in the middle of the Bone Marrow.
  • If there is Thrombocytopenia in the symptoms of platelet deficiency, then platelet count comes between 10000 to 20000  the bleeding in the body starts itself.
  • There will be many reasons for platelets being low, it may be due to the effect of medicines, due to the autoimmune system, due to kidney failure, cancer and infection, malfunction of Leukemia, Anemia, HIV and respiratory system.
  • The symptoms of platelet deficiency are blood flow from the nose, blood flow to the gums, the monthly mensuration duration of time is excessive, there is bleeding in urine and secretion and Red and berries are formed on the body.
  • Platelet counts are determined by Blood test.
  • There is no medicine to increase the number of platelets, but you just have to try to increase platelets only by natural diet.
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Measures to Increase Blood Platelets

Increase platelet count with Papaya

How to Increase Platelet Count with Papaya? You can say either Diet and Drug to Papaya. Papaya is the best when you want to increase platelet rapidly. Learn how to increase platelets from papaya.

  • Papaya comes first in the naturally occurring way of raising platelets.
  • If you suffer from Dengue then the number of platelets is reduced and there is a lot of danger, then in such circumstances, take papaya leaves and take out the juice three times a day.
  • Platelets count increases with drinking juice with raw papaya peel.
  • Ripe papaya also has so many properties that if you eat twice a day, platelets count increases in the week.

Vitamin-A enriched diet in ways to increase Platelets

Take the fruit vegetable in the diet, which is vitamin-A enriched. Due to this type of diet platelet development will be faster.

  • If you eat the raw carrot in the season, platelet count will increase soon.
  • If you eat Pumpkin for a whole year, then the shortage of vitamin A will be removed and you will get rid of Thrombocytopenia.
  • If you consume Sweet Potato and roast it in ash, it will remove platelet deficiency.

Vitamin-C Needed for Platelets to Increase

Vitamin C is also essential for platelet growth and it will be easily found in fruits and vegetables.

  • Vitamin C is important to increase the count of platelet, then take lemon juice, ginger juice, and honey every morning with empty stomach.
  • Green chilies must be eaten.
  • Add tomatoes and onions to the daily diet.
  • Eat orange or drink Orange juice.
  • Gooseberry is the best to get Vitamin C

Increase Platelets by linseed Seed

Omega 3 is also important in the formation of cells and linseed Seed for vegetarian it is one of the ways to increase platelet.

  • Omega 3 in the linseed seed and there are many nutrients which improve the Immune System of the body and also increase the number of platelets.
  • Always use the Linseed after lightening roast.
  • Eat as much as a spoon, or put it in the vegetable as powder

Protein for Increase Platelets

Proteins should be required to form the cell. Also to increase the platelet, you should increase the amount of protein in the diet.

  • Increasing the amount of protein-rich diet instead of protein supplement, platelet count will increase.
  • For non-vegetarians, take Vitamin B12 and zinc-selenium with eggs, meat, and chicken which helps in the production of platelets.
  • If you are vegetarian, then take more paneer, milk and fruits, vegetables and special drinks.

Eat Folate-rich foods to increase blood platelets

Folate means Vitamin B9  required to build the cell, so fruit which containing folate should be eaten every day.

  • Folate is helpful in cell formation, so if you eat a diet rich in folate, the number of platelets will grow rapidly.
  • Eat orange or juice in the morning.
  • Add spinach to your daily diet.
  • For non-veg eggs, liver, meat, fish, and chicken are folate-rich food.

Increase the Number of Platelets by Milk

Milk is the best way to increase platelets for not only for children but also for adults, and milk products will also increase platelets.

  • Milk is the whole diet and it has Vitamin D3, Calcium, Vitamin K and Fibrogenogen Protein are very helpful in the preparation of platelets.
  • Warm the milk until it becomes slightly yellow on the light flame and it will be fertile if you drink it with Nutmeg powder.
  • Milk Products like curd and cheese will also help in enhancing this platelet.

Increasing Platelets from Pomegranate

Pomegranate is as beneficial as it is delicious. How to increase Platelet count with Pomegranate?

  • To increase platelet, eat a pomegranate every day.
  • Pomegranate contains antioxidants elements, vitamin C, and minerals, which increase the number of platelets.
  • It would be better to take the juice of pomegranate and drink at least one cup.

Increase Platelets Count from Beetroot

If you neglect the beetroot, then be sure to think and adopt it because it is an irreplaceable king to increase platelet.

  • Extract juice of beetroot and beetroot leaves.
  • Take at least half glass or a cup of beetroot juice with an empty stomach, and it will increase the platelet count.
  • The juice of beetroot juice in carrot juice will have more special benefits and the number of platelets will increase intensely.

Increase the Platelets with Coconut Water

There is no natural drink like coconut water in the summer or in any other season but with the taste, it is also very useful for the growth of platelets.

  • The composition of coconut water is similar to the plasma of blood in the human body.
  • Drinking a glass of coconut water every day increases the number of platelets.
  • The use of fresh raw coconut will be of more benefit.

Gooseberry is an Ayurvedic treatment for low platelet count

Ayurveda has called amla chemically tonic and by regular consumption of it, you can stay young for a long time.

  • The quality of amla is that there is a very high amount of vitamin C in it, along with many such flavonoids and phytochemicals which are considered chemicals in Ayurveda.
  • It purifies the blood and helps in the formation of the cell.
  • Drink empty stomach fresh gooseberry juice or eat it in empty stomach or drink its powder with warm water.

Increasing Platelets by using Wheat Grasso

Wheat Grasso is the most Healthy amplifiers product and is very demanding. By the wheat grasso use there will be no shortage of platelets.

  • In the case of wheat, iron content is rich in quantity, with nutrient content and antioxidant which makes body muscles fresh and healthy.
  • It increases not only the amount hemoglobin in the blood, it also increases the number of white blood cells and platelets increase the immunity.
  • Chlorophyll occurs in the Wheat Grasso, which helps in cleaning the stomach and nutrition in the diet is easily absorbed in the body.

Eat Sesame and Jaggery every day for the excess of platelets

Grandmother says that it gives strength to eat sesame and Jaggery in winter, but do you know that their intake is beneficial for platelets?

  • Sesame contains selenium and zinc which is helpful for the production of platelets.
  • Jaggery contains the iron element.
  • If you eat jaggery with half or 1/4 cup of Sesame every day, the strength of your platelet will increase.
  • Always use Sesame oil in the food to maintain platelet count.

Home Remedies for Increasing Platelets

Take the above-mentioned steps to enhance the platelets, and adopt the following:

  • Do not sit for a long time. Do some exercise in the middle of the work.
  • Do regular exercises every day such as aerobics, walking, running, cycling or swimming.
  • By exercising the body can make good use of oxygen and the formation of the cell becomes dynamic. If the platelet count is less than 15000 then increase the number with the diet first and do the exercise later.
  • Drink plenty of water every day, at least 3 liters per day to increase platelet count.
  • Abandon alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee, if thrombopenia is there.
  • Stay away from packaged foods and spicy dishes.
  • Before taking the medication consult a doctor.
  • Protect yourself from being wounded.
  • The effect of this diet has been to see blood tests again after one month of adopting platelet count raising tips. If there is a serious condition, the diet also has low effect on the platelet count.
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This article regarding “How to Increase Platelet Count” by the home remedies will definitely help in increasing the platelet count. If you really like this article then do share with your friends and family. And if you have any suggestion or solution, then share with us via comment box. # How to Increase Platelet Count.


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