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How To Edit PDF File Online For Free

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Edit PDF File Online

Edit PDF file Online for Free – Most of the website allows you to download any digital documents in PDF format. PDF means Portable Document Format.  If you want to download any document online, then you will get those documents only in PDF format. Now the question arises that how we can edit PDF File if required.

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Just take an example of PDF document i.e. Downloaded Aadhaar card from online will also be in PDF format.

The Benefit of PDF Format

The advantage of pdf files is that it can be opened in any computer, without any concerned i.e. that computer has the related font in it or not (the fonts which the PDF file has). But if you open any format other than PDF, your computer should have those fonts, otherwise, the fonds will not match with your file.

Now we will discuss how we can edit PDF file online without using any software. So, friends, you will get many websites on the google for editing the PDF file online. But I suggest you the best website, in which you can edit PDF file online in easy steps.

However, there are many tools on the Internet that allow you to edit PDF file online. One of the best websites is www.sejda.com.  which you can easily edit any PDF file.

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It is amazing that for edit the PDF file, you do not have to create an account. Without creating an account, you can edit your pdf file.

Steps For Edit PDF File Online

1.  Go to the website www.sejda.com.

2. Click on Upload PDF file and choose the file which you want to edit.

How to Edit PDF file online
Upload the PDF file

3. Click on the text which you want to edit.

How to Edit PDF file online
Click on the Text

4. Type the desired text.

5. Click on apply changes.

How to edit PDF file online for free
Click on Apply Changes

6. The moment you click on Apply Changes. A new window and  ” Your Task is Processing ” dialogue will appear. 

7. When your document will get ready. You can download it from there

Edit PDF File Online
Download your Edited PDF file

So, friends, This is the best way to edit PDF file online for free without using any software. If you have any other method for editing a PDF file, then do share with us in the comment box. Also, share the post, if you really like this.

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