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Google Home vs Echo
Google Home vs Echo

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Google Home vs Echo

Google is now going to enter the smart speaker segment in the Indian market. The company has launched Google Home and Google Mini Smart Speakers in India. Google Home has been priced at Rs 9999. At the same time, Google Home Mini has been offered at a price of Rs 4,999. The smart speakers will be available on exclusively e-commerce site Flipkart. Google Home and Home Mini can do many things, including reading emails, telling traffic details. Now below is the comparison of Google Home vs Echo of Alexa(Amazon).

Will Be In High Competition With Amazon Echo

These Google products will hit the Amazon’s smart speaker Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Dot. The price of these three is Rs 9999, Rs 14999 and Rs 4499 respectively. Google’s Google Home Max is also a bump to Amazon’s Eco Plus. The company has launched this product in India. The smart speakers of Google will be available exclusively on Flipkart. But Google Home and Home mini will also be available on offline stores.

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Google Home and Home Mini

The Google Smart Assistant (Google Assistant) has been given to the company’s Google Home and Home Mini. The Google Assistant’s collision is from Apple Serie, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

Google Home Specifications

Google Home can do many tasks. It can do from traffic information to Music Play and Smart Home Devices Control. If we talk about specifications, the Google Home supports 802.11b / g / n / ac (2.4GHz / 5Ghz) Wi-Fi dual band. It supports both Android and iOS platforms. Home speaker will need a wallet socket.

Home Mini also has functions similar to Google Home. Google Home Mini supports audio formats. There is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as chromecast and chromecast audio built-in for connectivity. It has a 40mm driver and a single micro USB port.

How it will Work???? 

Your smartphone can do a lot of things after you say “OK Google“. Just like send someone message, opening an app etc. Now Google has introduced this smartphone technology into the speaker. Google has launched its Speaker Google Home and Home Mini in India. It can do many things on verbal command from the user. These speakers will be controlled only by voice.

It can also answer your questions. You can play your song right from your point of view. Can Switch on your TV and also can turn off the TV. Google Home can also answer the questions you seek for Google Search. Google Home is for a big room but the Google Home Mini speaker is only for a small room.

So, friends, In my view this product of Google is best for the ‘tech lovers’. Just have it and enjoy the Google Home Bluetooth speaker in your tech collection. If you really like the post “Google Home vs Echo” then do share with your friends and family. Also if you have any suggestion for improving the website, connect us via comment box or Contact us.


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