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Google Adsense Important Question Answer

google adsense important question answer
google adsense important question answer

Hello Friends, the topic we are going to talk about today is Google Adsense Important Question Answer. We have to face a lot of problems whenever we start something new. But my effort is that if people who want to earn money from Adsense do not have to face much problem, so today I have brought you Google Adsense important question answer.

Friends, when I started blogging that time I faced a lot of problems. But as we say that “when you want something from your heart, the whole universe start associating with them”. So that thing happened to me, and I got to know all about Google Adsense. And today I will be going to share with you all about those things.

As we know Adsense is the best way to earn money. So if you want to earn from Google Adsense then you have to read and understood the policy of Google Adsense carefully. But many bloggers don’t do this. I would also recommend to all of you that everyone has to read the policy of Google Adsense once. so, friends here is the Google Adsense Important Question Answer for you.

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Google Adsense Important Questions Answers

Some questions related to Google Adsense and their answers

Ques- When to Apply for Your New Blog in Adsense?

It’s a bit difficult to approve an Adsense account in India. But it’s not that hard if you follow their policy properly, you can get approval for Adsense for your new blog.

My Answer to Your Question

Q1. Can one person have two Adsense account by his name?

No, Google Adsense never gives permission to create 2 accounts with the name of 1 person. If you do so your account can be disabled forever.

Q2. My AdSense account has been disapproved, now what can I do?

If your Adsense account is disapproved or rejected, then your email ID will have an email from Adsense. You just have to solve that problem and re-apply for Adsense again. Or you can also contact the Adsense team.

Q3 How to make a good relationship with Google AdSense?

There is only one way to maintain good relationships with Google AdSense. And that is to get high-quality traffic on your website. To receive high-quality traffic on your website, I would suggest that you follow Google webmaster guidelines. And along with that, submit your website to Google Search Console as well.

Q4. Can I apply ads on more than one website from one Adsense account?

Yes, you can apply Ads to all your website and blogs from one Adsense account. You do not need to create another Adsense account. As I have already told you that you can not create more than one Adsense account by name.

Q5. Can I Change Adsense Account Type?

Adsense offers us only two types of accounts. First Individual and Second Business. But you will see that there is not much difference between the service of both.

With Individual Account, you get paid by your name and you get a payment from the Business Account you get paid in the name of your company/business.

Q6. How to upgrade Google Adsense Hosted Account into Non-Hosted?

If you have Adsense’s Hosted account, you can upgrade it to a Non-Hosted account.

Q7. When are total earnings for the month finalized?

Google Adsense updates your last month’s earning on 2th of every month. Like:- the January month of earning is updated on 2th of February and it will show in your Dashboard.

Q8. How many posts and visitors should be required before applying in Adsense?

Before applying in Adsense, how many posts and visitors do you have on your website, this thing does not matter much. But before applying, you must check that your website has good design and your website has 15 to 20 good quality content which are different from others.

Google Adsense is an advertising company with which you can approve your website in any number of daily visitors.

Q9. After how much money in my account does Google Adsense pay us?

Adsense makes payments in every single country in different ways. But if we talk about India, then if your Adsense account Dashboard starts showing 100$, Adsense makes payment only after that. Because the payment threshold of the support is 100 $.

Q10. When does Google AdSense send us payment?

Adsense makes payments only once in a month. And Adsense sends that payment only after 21st of every month. This means that the earning of the month will send you only after the 21st of the month of February and it takes 3-5 days for your bank account to arrive.

Q11. Google AdSense paid me before more than a week, but still no money in my account? What should I do?

Sometimes after sending money, you may have noticed that your money has not been reached in your bank account. It was because of that sometimes there is a holiday in the middle i.e. Sunday. Due to which you are getting late in getting the payment.

But if there is no holiday in the middle and your money is not received, then you should contact your bank. Of course, they will get some solution and sure your money will be deposited in the bank account.

Q12. Can I delete or cancel my Adsense account?

Yes, you can delete or cancel your Adsense account at any time.

Q13. Can I change my Payment Address on Adsense?

Yes, you can change your payment address on Adsense. You could not do this before, but now Adsense has given the option to edit Payment Profile in India. Now you can change payment Adsense and change Country Address.

But you can only do this if the option to edit your payee profile in Adsense account is enabled. This is because the option is not yet implemented in all the countries. This service is only in a few countries, of which India is also one. If your Adsense account has the option to edit in the payee profile, then your country is also one of them.

Q14. Which Ads sites can we use with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense does not allow advertisements for any advertising sites. But you can use Google Adsense with Affiliate Marketing and Infolinks Ads.

Ads of Chitika, Bidvertiser or other advertising sites cannot be used with Google Adsense. Because Adsense does not like Ads of any other company with him.

Q15. When and how do I verify my address?

When your updated earning will 10$ in Adsense account, Google sends a PIN to your address. And by placing that PIN into your Adsense account, you can verify your Adsense.

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Note:- all these Google Adsense Important Question Answer will help you a lot for approval of Adsense for your website.

Q16. What I do, if I didn’t get the PIN for address verification?

If you do not get the PIN send by Google, 3 times. Then the option to upload any of your Personal Document will be replaced in place of the PIN code in your Adsense account.

Personal documents mean that your Voter card, Aadhar card, PAN card or Ration card, which can be your Identity or Address proof, but this option comes only after 3 days of sending PIN via Adsense.

Q17. How often does Google send a PIN for address verification?

For address verification, Adsense sends you a PIN 3 times. If you do not get the first PIN within 15 days, you can apply for another PIN. And in the same way, if you do not get PIN within another 15 days, then you can apply for the third PIN again.

Q18. SWIFT – BIC Code What is the SWIFT Code from?

SWIFT – BIC Code works for International money transfer. You can also contact your bank branch or bank customer care to get a SWIFT – BIC Code. Or you can visit the IFSC, Swift Codes website.

Q19. Which language do we select for the Hinglish blog in Adsense?

The Hinglish Blog means (Hinglish Blog’s Matlab Hai) The line within the bracket that I have written is in the Hinglish language. So you can select Hindi for this. But this is not necessary, some people have already approved their Adsense account by selecting the English language.

Q20. Does Adsense Account Gets approved fast by adding the Domain name to Your Blog?

Yes, if you apply by adding your domain then your Adsense account approve a little early. Because the Adsense team thinks you are serious about your blog and your work. Therefore increases the chances of getting early Adsense approval.

Q21. How much can I earn from Google AdSense?

Adsense can earn you a lot of money. But it depends on how much traffic is on your website or blog. If your website’s niche is health, business or Tech, then you can earn a lot. Because earnings on this type of website are slightly higher.

Q22. Why Ads are still not available (Blank space) after Adsense account is approved?

There are two processes to get Adsense fully approved. First of all, when you apply in Adsense, there is an email of approval on our email ID and then we have to create an Ads Code and put it on our website. After putting the second ad code, the Adsense team again visits our website. And he sees that the ads code we have placed on our site is properly placed or not.

Then the second process is completed and Ads automatic starts appearing on your website. It can take 5 minutes to 1 month to get Ads Display.

Q23. What is Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense Account?

If you apply for Google services such as Blogger and YouTube to Adsense account, then that account is called a Hosted account. You can also place Adsense ads on their service.

But if you have a website you need a Non-Hosted account.

Q24. When and how can we become AdSense Premium Publisher?

To become a premium publisher of AdSense, your website should have 20 Million page views and 5 Million Unique search query traffic every month. And along with that, you should also have good relationships with Adsense. And your website should also have original content.

Q25. Where do you get more information about Adsense?

If you want more information about Adsense then make sure you subscribe to our blog. I would like to bring the regular interesting article for you. You will find many posts related to Adsense on our blog.

“There is a time to time change in Google Adsense Policy, so you need to be up to date.”

So, these are the Google Adsense important question answer which are generally required by all newcomers in the blogging.

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