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Google Adsense and How Does Google Adsense Works

How does google adsense works
How does google adsense works

You must have heard the name of Google Adsense. When we do blogging or work online, most people have the same motive of how to earn money online. Making money online is not a big deal. Everyone can earn money from the internet, but for that, he will have to work hard. In this post, we will discuss Adsense and How does Google Adsense Works.

It is not that the internet has been set up and your income will start by creating a blog or a website. Nobody has found anything without effort or it can not be found. You’ll always have to be serious about your work.

Only just by creating a blog or website, you can not earn money. You have to prepare your blog for it.

Just like grains do not bring money, we will have to sell the grain. So, in the same way, you will also need to put Ads on your blog, which will give you money. Adsense is also a kind of Advertisement Company. Through which you can earn a lot of money. So let’s know it in details how does Google Adsense works?

What is Google Adsense

Adsense is a Google product that shows Ads in the form of automated text, images, and video on the publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers remain dependent on this. If your blog is approved by Google Adsense, then only you can place Ads on your blog. If you want to know more about Google Adsense, Click here.

Once you have an Approved account of Adsense, then only you can place Ads and you can also decide where Ads will appear on your website. Read our post, Top Google Adsense approval tricks. When visitors visit your blog and view ads and click on them, your earning will increase. Once this becomes 100$, you can transfer it through cheque or directly to your bank account.

Google Adsense works not only on the blog or website but also on YouTube. People mostly like to watch videos instead of reading, and only because of this YouTube is the world’s 3rd best website. You may have noticed that watching YouTube videos shows you some Ads, this is nothing but Google Adsense Ads.

If you do not traffic/visitors to your blog or website, there is no benefit of placing Ads. It is not that the applicants are not allowed to apply on fewer visitors, but as we know that this is an Advertiser network that you can get approval on any number of Visitors. That’s why it’s the most popular in the blogging world.

How Does Google Adsense Works

Those who put Ads on their website or blog, they are called Publisher, and whose Ads are visible to us, they are Advertisers. Suppose your website is showing an Ad of Airtel, that means Airtel is an advertiser and you are a publisher.

If you want to show Ads of a particular company on your website, then it is not possible because you can talk directly with that company. In this way how many companies will you talk to?

Google Adwords

That’s why Google started a product under the name of AdWords. By this large companies, whoever wants to promote their product or service World Wide, can register through AdWords and put them their service or product for Ads.

Want more earning from Adsense, read How to Increase Google Adsense CPC.

Google has keywords for all companies or products. Keywords are those, people search on Google. If there is a keyword for a product on your website, then your website will display related ads with the same keyword. When Google’s robots visit your website and detect any keywords on your website, they match it with AdWords and they redirect related Ads to the website that matches the product or service.

If you have mentioned about the Smartphone in your website, then your website will display Smartphone related Ads. All of these Ads companies are those companies who have added related keywords to their products in Google AdWords. And whenever we use their keywords in our post, we see their own Ads.

Interest-Based Advertising

And one is Interest-Based Advertising. When you visit an e-commerce or a website of a product, all the history and data is saved in your browser. when you visit a blog or website, then it accesses your browser’s data and shows Ads according to your previous visited page.

The Adsense believe that if you have an interest in it, then you will get Ads related to them. Suppose that you have just visited Flipkart’s website and searched a shirt in it, then NextAnsense will show Flipkart or Shirt’s Related Ads.

This is all about Google Adsense and How does Google Adsense works? If you have any questions related to Google Adsense and How Google Adsense works, please feel free to ask in the comment box.

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