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How to Earn Money From WhatsApp – [Best Method]

Earn money from WhatsApp
Earn money from WhatsApp

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How to Earn Money From WhatsApp using your Mobile

Today everybody wants to earn money online and everybody wants to know how we can earn money online. So, today I bring you the best method of online earning (from WhatsApp). As we know that WhatsApp is the world’s largest Messanger in which people like all kind of messages i.e Written, Images and also Video Messages. Do you know that we can earn money from WhatsApp? If no, then let’s get started.

For the online earning from WhatsApp, I have some tips for you. You do not require to spend a single penny for WhatsApp earning, It is totally free. One thing you have to do is only send messages and simply make money.

For that, you will only require one Smartphone and a little Time with an Internet connection.

1) Things required for Earning from WhatsApp (Requirement)

Before we do something new, we have to have a background. Just take an example of a website, For earning through Website we require some traffic. Just like a website if you want to earn money from WhatsApp, You must have at least 1000 to 3000 contacts in your mobile and these contacts should be the regular reader.

The message you send for making money should reach the maximum people. So that you can make more money.

To get the maximum number of contacts, first, you will have to select Money Making Platform. Later you will have to go to Facebook to advertise your WhatsApp group. Then if anyone wants to join your group, they will provide you their mobile number. Then you have to add them to your WhatsApp Group.

Another way is that you can join others WhatsApp group by sending your mobile number to the WhatsApp group Admin. So that you can join that group and send your message to that WhatsApp group.

The benefit of joining others group is that even if you do not have your own WhatsApp group you can reach to the maximum number of people.

2) Which Money Making Platform you should Use to Earn Money from WhatsApp

We have many ways to earn money from WhatsApp but the best method to earn money from WhatsApp is given below

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing means you have joined an Online Service and Mobile App. And you are referring it to other people, and if you are referring to someone who is joining the online service, product, and mobile app, You will get the money.

Just take an example- If you join in the Share Market India’s first discount broker firm Zerodha. Definitely, you will have the referral code for that (discount broker firm Zerodha). SoWhat you have to do is make an attractive & eye-catching message and forward it to the WhatsApp group, So That this message can reach the maximum number of people.

Now it’s your turn to make money-  means the people who join will Zerodha (India’s first discount broker firm) through your Referral code and if he trades then you will get some % of that trading amount. This commission of trading percentage will continue in the future, it means whenever he does trading you will get the money.

To earn money from WhatsApp, you can join these Online services and Apps. So that You can earn money by sending the Eye-catching & attractive messages to the WhatsApp group and enable people to join these services and Apps.

1) Earn Talktime: -Earn Rs.80 on referring friends.

2) Make My Trip: -Earn up to rs. 4000 in your wallet.

3) Cashkaro.com: – Earn Money Through Reference a friends

4) Gopaisa.com: – Earn Money by referring a friends

5) Flipkart Mobile app: – earn Rs 25 by using a referral

You can make money by checking online more services and by joining a lot of Online Services and Mobile Apps and referring it and sending the message to the WhatsApp group.

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To Earn Money from WhatsApp you have joined/submitted a large number of contacts say around 1000 to 3000 contacts with the lot of hard work.
So now you can add a message to Facebook regarding promotion of the website. You can Add the message in the Facebook saying people that we will Promote your website to 3000 people in 100 Rupees.
You can also advertise in Fiverr that for 5 Dollars we will redirect 3000 Whitespot contacts to your website in India or we will promote your website and make a reach of about 3000 people in India.

Here I have taken the example of the website, you can promote some of the other products, service in such a way.

I have given two best methods to earn money from WhatsApp, hope these methods will definitely work for you to make money from Whatsapp and others.

If you have some more methods to earn money from WhatsApp, then please share with us in the comment section. Also, keep in touch with our website for more interesting articles. If you really like this post, do share with your friends.



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