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Domestic Violence Helpline Number in India

Domestic Violence Helpline Number
Domestic Violence Helpline Number

Domestic Violence Helpline Number in India: We are providing you the helpline number of Women Organization NGO which is 24 hours free national helpline number for the domestic violence.

Today there are many non-government organizations working in the country and abroad Against Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence Helpline Number is running in all districts of almost all the states of the country. You can do Local Number Search if needed.

Domestic Violence Helpline Number

It is said that women are more secure within the wall of the house. But even today, there are some people in our society, due to which women are not feeling safe inside the house. (The crime against women inside the house) Domestically crime against women comes under Domestic Violence.

Rights of Women: Domestic Violence Helpline Number

  • For a complaint related to domestic violence, you can contact the nearest ‘Conservation Officer’ or ‘Service Provider‘.
  • For the victim, ‘Protection Officer’ is the first “Approachable person“.
  • The Protection Officer can demand a safe house for the victim and start the hiring in front of a magistrate.
  • The appointment of the Protection Officer is the responsibility of the state government.
  • The ‘service provider’ organization works to assist women.
  • The ‘service provider’ is registered under the Domestic Violence Act.
  • The victim can contact the ‘service provider’ for a secure place to stay, can file a complaint, and ask for medical help.
  • The victim can also contact the police officer or magistrate.

Helpline Numbers All Over India

Here is the 24-hour free helpline number in India for Domestic Violence (run in partnership Between Women’s notified and Refuge) is 0808 2000 247 available 24*7.

Women’s Organizations in Delhi
Sakshi Violence Intervention Center: (0124) 2562336/5018873

Shakti Shalini: 1091/1291 (011) 23317004

Shakti Shalini Women’s Shelter: (011) 24373736/24373737

SAARTHAK: (011) 26853846/26524061

All India Women’s Conference: 10921 / (011) 23389680

JAGORI: (011) 26692700

Domestic Violence Helpline In Pune
Aks Helpline Numbers: 8793088814 to talk to volunteers anytime.

For legal advice, call: 8793088815

For psychological counseling: 8793088816

Dial 1091 for Women’s Helpline in Bangalore / Bengaluru
Joint Women’s Program (also has branches in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai: (011) 24619821

Domestic Violence Helpline In Patna
Jigyasa For General Inquiry: 0612-2233333

Any organization that is working against Domestic Violence, please contact your contact number and name so that the number of them can also be added.

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