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Create Free Website

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How To Create Free Website & Blog And How To Make Money From Blog

How to Create Free Website or Blog and How we can earn money from a blog? This question is often asked of me. If you want to know How to Create Free Website and also want to create a new website, then its most popular way is the Blogger.

Blogger is Google’s free service. You can create your new website on the Blogger. And now a day there are many websites on Blogger, it is all free website. If you create a free website on any other platform, you can not make money from it, but you can make money by creating a free website on Blogger.

In today’s post, we will tell you about how to create free website blog for which you do not have to pay any money and the website will be ready in just 10 minutes. We have given two methods by which you can create free Website and Blog.

Both of these methods can be used to create free website but there is a lot of difference between both Blogger and WordPress, so before creating a free website make sure you have to read their differences before creating a website on both of them.

How To Create Free Website / Blog On Blogger

  • For Blogger, first, go to www.Blogger.Com.
  • And click on Create Your Blog.
Create Free Website
Click on Create your Blog
  • And then log in with your Gmail ID.
  • Click on Continue To Blogger.
  • Then click Create New Blog.
Create Free Website
Create Free Website

1. Title: – First of all you have to name your blog or website, Just like my website name, is Online Stuff Box. So, you have to think your website name and fill in the box.

2. Address: – Then you have to fill the URL of your website, that you want. If you are creating a free website on Blogger, then you will find it written in the name of your website, ie. www.yourwebsitename.blogger.com.

If you buy a domain from a website and go to Blogger. Then your website name will become the same as the URL of our website, like onlinestuffbox.com

3. Theme: – Then you have to select a theme for your website. Here you have got a lot of templates, you can select any of them.

After filling all three information, click on Create Blog, the URL you entered in address will be the address of your website such as “WebsitekaURL.Blogspot.Com

Now you have created your free website. But if you want to show your website address like our website, then you will have to put a custom domain in it. We have given this information in another post. How to apply Custom Domain to Blogger.

How to Create Free Website On WordPress?

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. About 30% of the world’s website remains on WordPress. If you want to know how we can create free website or a blog on WordPress, then you have been given this information below. My website is also on WordPress.

First, go to www.wordpress.com. Click on Getting Started.

Then you have to click on “Start With A Blog” and fill out the name of your website.


Create Free Website
Create Free Website

The name that you fill here will become the name of your website and it is a free website so that you will get your name written as yourwebsitename.Wordpress.Com.

After filling the address of the website, below you will find some options, one of which will be free, select it and click Start With Free on the next page.

Create Free Website
Create Free Website
  • Now you have to fill your email ID to register here.
  • Filling the username, the username will be the address of your website.
  • And below you have to enter the password.
  • If you want to log in directly from Google, then the option of Google login is given below.

After completing your full information here, click on the Continue. Now you have to open your email ID which was filled in here, you will have Email of Website Activate on behalf of WordPress. Open it and click on Confirm,  now your free website and free blog is ready.

In today’s post, we have given you the information about how to Create Free Website and Blog. Hopefully you can create your own free website from this post.

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