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Nokia 2 and Xiaomi 4A comparison

Nokia 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 4A Comparison- Which is Better budget Android smartphone

The Nokia brand's smartphone maker HMD Global Company on Tuesday presented its new budget Android smartphone. We are talking about Nokia 2 and we...
how to root android smartphone

How To Root Android Smartphone

definitely, you may have heard about rooting for Android Smartphones. But I can say that 50% of the people don't know 'what is the...
5 Innovative Things with your Smartphone Camera

Apart from Selfies, 5 Innovative Things with Your Smartphone Camera

5 Innovative Things with Your Smartphone Camera Hello friends, Today we all have a smartphone, and we all have a camera in that. Many of...
how to protect confidential data of your mobile

Protect Your Confidential Data from Hackers- Only 3 Apps

As we know that there was a security breach in Yahoo, which Affected around 499 million users private data. We are now getting used to...
What is IMEI Number in Phones

What is IMEI Number and How to Check IMEI Number

What is IMEI Number?  Welcome to our website  You will get all the information related to Technology, SEO. Adsense, Blogging, and Internet on...
increase your mobile phone speed

Increase your Mobile Phone Speed By 3 Times- Simple Steps

Do you have to hang on your smartphone repeatedly or you have to wait for every action from typing the message to opening an...
best android accessories to buy in 2017

The 10 Best Android Accessories to Buy in 2017

  Android smartphones have become a basic need of human being nowadays, though the smartphone does a lot of work. If you use some smartphone...

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