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What Is Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and How Does It Works?

Anti Lock Braking System
Anti Lock Braking System

What is Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)? Nowadays every road either take it in village or city is like a Superhighway. Everyone likes to drive their car or bike at full speed, especially the boys of the new generation. Fast driving has become the hobby of the human either they are going for a Long Drive or driving for any other reason. God knows how many people die every day due to fast driving.

Someone’s death is due to sliding of the car and someone’s due to unbalancing. Some people are killed if somebody comes suddenly in front of the vehicle. If you look at all these accidents above, then you will find that the reason of accident is the same “Worsening of the wheels control” and also there is no control over the break. If you can control the brakes during an accident, then 99%  of accidents will be prevented.

So you have a question in your mind whether there is any technology or some technology which can prevent the accident. The answer is yes. That technology is named Anti Lock Braking System (ABS). So today I will tell you what is the anti-breaking system and how ABS works. With this, I will give you full details so let’s learn something new.

What Is Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and How Does It Work?

As we have seen above, the full form of ABS is Anti Lock Braking System. It is a Vehicle Technology and also we can say it Automobile Safety System. By using this technology we can prevent accidents. If your car or bike has this ABS System, then you can say that “You are safe”.

Sometimes when you press the brakes, your car stops in shock, slips away or your car turns over. Anti-lock braking system helps prevent all of these incidents.

What are you going to do, If you are driving the car at 100 Km/h and suddenly someone comes in front of you? Will you hit them? No, of course not.

You will do the only one thing at that time and it will be ‘Applying of brake‘ with full force. By doing this, the brakes of your vehicle will be locked. Your car may also slip or your car’s balance can be spoiled, and the last one will be an accident and one more death.

If you have ABS in your car, you can make a balance of the car and can take away the car from the side. Also, you can stop the car at a short distance before it hits. There are some sensors in this technology which makes your driving accident free. Without ABS the car travels much more distance before stopping but the car with ABS stops at a short distance.

History of ABS Technology

Anti lock Braking system has been with us for many years since the time you can not even imagine that. This technology was used in aircraft in 1929. It was used in a car in 1966 and brought to the public. In Jensen Ferguson Formula for the first time,  and the passengers Experienced it.

Slowly this technique was developed and it started to appear in front of people till 1980. But today every new car has this technology even the bikes also has this technology but for that, you have to pay more money.

Now there is a question how anti-lock braking system works, so let’s know also.

 How ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) works?

ABS is not a component, it has a lot of different parts, which work like a system. It has a device called ‘Speed Sensor’ which constantly monitors the speed of the wheels. Then this Speed Sensor sends the Data to the ‘Sensor Controller Device‘.

Now definitely one more question comes to your mind that which type of data the Speed Sensor sends to the Sensor Controller Device. So friends, the data which send to the Controller is in the form of Speed, Velocity, Deceleration in Speed. Now the Controller detects from these Data that Is there any sudden reduction in speed? And it only happens in the circumstances when you press brakes in case of an accident.

When we suddenly press the brakes, then this is the time when ABS activates i.e. ABS tries to find out which wheel is swiftly slowing. This process is called declaration. Now the valve comes in handy and finds the wheel which is reducing the speed. So ABS reduces the brake pressure of that wheel.

When ABS reduces the Brake Pressure, again same time the acceleration of that wheel increases. And all the four-wheel comes at the same speed.

Again Controller reduces the speed of that wheel and after deceleration, again it accelerates the speed of that wheel so that all four-wheel come in same speed (reduced speed). This Acceleration and Deceleration happens about 20 times in 1 second.

You need not have to do anything, ABS do his work better than you. With the help of this process, you can easily stop the vehicle by controlling it. It was the way how ABS works? But if you did not understand this Anti Lock Braking System, then I will give one example and explain to you.


You have a car with ABS technology, you have come out to roam somewhere on Sunday and your car speed is 100 Km/h. At a turn suddenly a car came in front of you, you will immediately press the brakes without thinking (Now your wheels will not lock because your car has ABS).

Now the wheel starts reducing speed very fast and when this information reaches to ABS it will free the wheel from locking because of the valve. This process takes place several times in a single second. And your car stops well before it hits and you can easily balance and walk away from the side.

When you drive a bike, if there is an animal coming from the front, Do you press both the brakes with full force? No, of course not. But you press the brakes and then release the brakes again you press and release and keep the balance of the bike in his way. If you keep pressing the brakes, your bike will slip and you will fall straight on the ground.

Components of Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) has total four components.

  • Speed Sensor

This sensor continues monitors the speed of each wheel and determines the Acceleration and Deceleration. The sensor also has a catalyst also has wire coil/magnets assembly, it generates electric bills.

  • Valve

Whenever ABS activates, the valve has only single work (maintain Air pressure in the brake). Each brake is connected to the valve and each valve is controlled by ABS. 

In the first case, valves of the brake are open and pressure travels from Master cylinder to Brake.

And in the second case, valves of the brake are close and the pressure maintained in the brake.

In the third case, valve maintains the small pressure and the third step repeats continues until the car stops.

  • Electronic Control Unit

ECU is the control unit of ABS and whose work is to receive the Sensor Signal, Amplify and to filer it. After analysis the above data it measures the Rotational Speed and Acceleration of wheel.

  • Hydraulic Control Unit

At the time of Anti Lock condition, Hydraulic Control Unit receives the signal from ECU. And according to that, it releases the brake and sometimes it makes pressure on the brake. Hydraulic Control Unit controls the brake by increasing the hydraulic pressure.

Types of Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

Generally, ABS classified according to the number of sensor and types of brake.

  • Four-channel, Four-sensor ABS
  • Three-channel, three-sensor ABS

Benefits of ABS and Should we buy ABS featured vehicle

Nowadays, in this world of speeding, every day you will get to hear and see the accidents. No matter how much safe you are driving, but you can not tell whether the front driver is running properly or not. But do you know, according to the research- the reasons for which car accidents are happening, there are fewer reasons for anti-lock braking system technology.

And there is a saying “If you have life, you have the world“. Now in the next paragraph, I will tell you about the benefits of Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and should we take the vehicle with ABS technology.

  • During the car accident, we can easily control the Steering.
  • We can control our car much before it is going to hit something.
  • The possibility of sliding your car is very low.
  • Your brake will be in control.
  • The ABS vehicle stops at a short distance even before it hits an object.
  • During the accident, the wheels of the car will never be locked by pressing the brakes.
  • You have to give a little bit more money to avail this technology.

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Now you have to decide whether you should take the vehicle with Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) technology or not.

My Opinion about ABS

So friends today’s information is very important for every rider and for every common man who is planning to buy a car in the future. My opinion is that you should buy a car with ABS technology. Because money will be earned again but nobody can bring your life back again. So far you have understood what ABS is and how it works.

I hope this article will be beneficial for you, If you really like this article then do comment below. And share this article with your friends. Still, you have some doubt regarding this Anti Lock Braking System (ABS), please ask us in the comment box. If you do not have subscribed our blog, then do SUBSCRIBE. you will find more interesting articles on this Blog.



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