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The 10 Best Android Accessories to Buy in 2017

best android accessories to buy in 2017
The 10 Best Android Accessories to Buy in 2017


Android smartphones have become a basic need of human being nowadays, though the smartphone does a lot of work. If you use some smartphone accessories with it, you can get even better from it, some of the similar types of smartphone Best Android Accessories are as below:-

10 Best Accessories for Android Smartphones


If you have a smartphone then USB OTG can do a lot of work for you. With the help of OTG, you can add a number of tools/external devices to your smartphone. Like – PenDrive, USB Mouse, etc.

2. Smartphone Holders and Mounts

With the help of Smartphone Holders and Mounts, you can keep your smartphone on any surface. Using the mount you can easily stick the smartphone to the car’s glass in the car and use Google Maps.

3. Armband

If you listen to music from a smartphone while jogging or doing gym. Then ArmBands can make you jogging or jumping with your smartphone with great ease.

4. Bluetooth headset

If you are using a smartphone while driving a bike. Make sure to use the Bluetooth headset, you will be able to receive any hassle calls without any hassle, and it also works to listen to music when needed.

5. External Lens or Flash

If you want to take professional photos from your Android smartphone. You just have to attach external flash and lens and your Android smartphone will change into a digital came so that you can capture great pictures.

6. Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

This speaker connects to your smartphone while keeping it at a distance. Due to its wireless connectivity, many users use it. The Android smartphone’s Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers are the best options.

7. Headphone Splitter

Whether you are on the train or inside the bus and you want to share your Android smartphone’s audio jack with your friends. headphones splitter can do this work very easily. With this, 4 to 6 headphones can be connected at one time.

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8. Selfie Stick

There is no need to tell that what you can do with Selfie Stick because you can take the photo of self and group photo with the help of selfie-stick. People are using selfie-stick for the photos with Taj Mahal and even they are taking when they were alone.

9. Gaming Controllers

With a gamepad, you can easily enjoy games on the smartphone.  your childhood memories will be fresh when you play on the gamepad because it gives the same experience as you enjoyed in childhood. Gaming can be enjoyed by connecting the gamepad to Android smartphones via Bluetooth.

10. Power Bank

Now, taking so much work from a smartphone, it is obvious that the battery will drain fast, in which a power bank is a great option so that you can charge the phone several times.

So, friends the list of best Android Accessories is not finished yet, the list is more but in my views, this list has the best Android accessories to buy. Now in my next article, I will bring for you the another cool Best Android Accessories.

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